3 Best ways on how to keep guacamole fresh

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how to keep guacamole fresh

The biggest trouble people seem to be having with Guacamole is keeping it fresh and green. Through very tempting to eat in one sitting, sometimes you might just want to save some for later. However, this has become an issue for many people. This is because Guacamole turns brown and loses its freshness pretty quickly. Here is an explanation on why and how to keep guacamole fresh.

Why it goes brown?

This browning and loss of freshness is the avocado’s chemical defense. Whenever something damages the avocados cells, the avocado will release what’s known as phenolics that lead to color change.

This is an oxidation process that happens to avocados much faster than in other foods. In Avocados, not only does this color change happen pretty fast and it also affects the entire taste of guacamole and its freshness.

There is a number of ways to keep this from happening for a certain period. Some people keep the avocado pit in with the Guacamole to avoid brownness. However, this works for a little while only.

A little extra thought has to be taken into consideration when finding the best and easiest way of keeping guacamole fresh and green. Fortunately, there are a few existing tricks we have found that can keep Guacamole fresh and green for the longest period.

Plastic wrap

One method that not only works but tends to be fool-proof is using plastic wrap. Although this sounds pretty simple, there is a certain trick to using plastic wrap for keeping Guacamole green.

Do not make the mistake of simply placing a plastic wrap of the container like you would in the case of other fruits and vegetables. Instead of doing that, you have to press down the plastic wrap on the surface of the guacamole itself.

Direct and complete contact of the plastic wrap on the guacamole will greatly slow down the oxidation process. If you prepare guacamole and use this method to keep it fresh and green, you won’t have any problems storing it overnight in the fridge. The guacamole will be guaranteed to be just as green the very next day.

How to keep guacamole fresh
One way on keeping guacamole fresh is plastic wrap.
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There is also a slight variation to this technique that you can use just in case you do not like the idea of using plastic wraps. Just using a wax paper or even a parchment paper will work just as well instead. However, choosing this alternative might make things a bit messier than you might think.

In certain cases, you might not be able to get the exact shape while cutting the paper and you may have to sacrifice the edges of the guacamole you made. Of course, this method works on any type of guacamole you have. Whether it’s leftover, freshly made or store bought, you should have no problems with this method.


The second method might work better depending on what your goal is. For practical purposes, this second method of ensuring your guacamole stays green and fresh might be a little better. This is because it needs no extra materials for keeping freshness.

If you cannot get your hands on any wax paper or plastic warps, perhaps this method might be a better alternative. The basis of the method is covering your guacamole in a thin layer of water. This might seem a little strange. You might be wondering about how this might affect the taste of the guacamole. Water acts as the perfect barrier against oxygen.

Taking into consideration that guacamole it typically pretty dense, you won’t have a problem with taste or watering it down. There is nothing wrong with adding a little water to your guacamole to keep it fresh as possible. Only pouring a small amount of water on your guacamole can help you refrigerate it for up to three days.

How to keep guacamole fresh with water
How to keep guacamole fresh with a water layer on surface
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After taking the guacamole out of the fridge and pouring the water out, you can stir the guacamole to make sure the texture is no different from when you first made it.

Usually, the best way to do this is to pour in some lukewarm water into the container in which you have placed your guacamole. You should do this by filling up a measuring cup of about half an inch of water and gently pouring it down the sides of the container.

You should also make sure that the water covers the surface of the guacamole. Afterward, you can place the guacamole in the fridge for up to three days and you refrigerate it with no problem at all. When ready to eat all you need to do is take off the lid and pour out the water. Stirring up the guacamole would also help to incorporate any of the extra moisture because of the water.

This method seems to be the most effective on our list and it does not require any type of extra materials, also making it the most efficient method of keeping your guacamole as fresh and as green as possible.

Lime juice

The last method on this list calls for a bit more variation than the last two on the list. This is because it takes an ingredient you will already find in guacamole and adds much more of it. This may enhance the taste of your guacamole all while keeping it fresh and resistant to browning.

Changing your guacamole recipe might be the method for you. More specifically, adding a bunch of lime juice will add a great kick to the taste of your guacamole while keeping it fresh and ready for later. There is some science behind this method too. Avocados have the enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase.

When this reacts with oxygen it turns the guacamole brown and takes away the freshness. Because limes tend to be acidic and contain lots of ascorbic acids also known as vitamin C, using lime juice is a great way to combat the browning and loss of freshness typical for guacamole. All you have to do is pour in a thin layer of lime juice of your guacamole.

When ready to eat again, either pour the lime juice out or store it in, adding a bit of extra flavor. You can also combine this with the first method on the list adding plastic wrap just to be sure.

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