Things you need to know: How to make avocado oil and how it helps

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Not only are avocados super tasty and delicious and go with almost every meal, they also offer nearly 20 vitamins every time we consume then. They include solids such as potassium, which is responsible to control the blood pressure, folate, which manages the cell repairing process during a pregnancy and lutein, which protects your eyes from dangerous light waves. In this guide, you will find core information on how to make avocado oil on your own.

Furthermore, the fruit is rich in Vitamin B which prevents from harmful infections and diseases and contains a very small amount of sugar.

Avocado oil:

A different option to the fruit itself is avocado oil. It is not only the perfect use for cooking and substitute for conventional oil but it also is very vigorous for the human skin. Here is a list short list of the positive effects it can contribute to the human body:

  • Calms irritated skin

The layer of the skin effortlessly ingests the solids of the fruit which increases the process of calming down irritated and dried out skin.

  • Heals and moisturizes dried out skin

As already mentioned above, the avocado includes a good amount of potassium which reflects in a positive effect on the skin and keeps it soft, smooth and moisturized.

  • Relieves inflammations

Due to the high number of vitamins in the oil it can help to stimulate inflammations. Nevertheless, people with severe skin conditions may test their skin with a very small amount in advance in order to avoid any side effects or contra effects on the skin.

  • Avoids and heals acne

Within the oil there is the substance folate which also effects in an anti-inflammatory way decreasing the redness and degree of inflammation in regards to acne.

  • Stimulates wounds

Avocado oil contains special acids which were proofed to help reduce inflammation during the healing and treatment process.

  • Prevents your skin from aging

Plenty of studies conducted by the National Institute of Health have proven that the healthful fats which are included in the oil help to skin to keep its elasticity and smoothness.

  • Treats a sunburn

It is proven by small studies that the consumption of the oil might protect you from too much UV radiation, but still needs a lot of research in order to approve this statement.

  • Increases health of finger nails

Also arguably with the increasing of the softness of the skin it stabilizes the nails and therefore can prevent the nails from breaking.

How to make avocado oil on your own:

After listing all the positive effects avocado oil can contribute to our life it is now essential to spill the beans and explain you how it is possible to create this life elixir on our own.

For this, you simply need 2kg of ripe avocados and a little bit of coconut oil. First you need to seed the fruits and then peel them as precise as possible. After this, you take the avocados and cut them into small cubes, put them in a blender and then mix them with a little bit of water until the mass becomes very creamy. When you reached this consistency you pour the whole thing into a pot and start boiling it slowly until the color gets darker.

The next step is to put a cotton rag into a bowl and put the avocado mass on top of it. It’s important to let it cool properly. Once the mass is cold press it through the rag into a small bottle or glass. And that’s it, you have your avocado oil all set and ready to use it for whatever you want to use it for. Filled in a dark bottle, you can store the oil up to one year in your fridge.

Finally, here are some food ideas you can use your freshly pressed avocado oil for:

Avocado oil as a topping:

Especially freshly used, avocado oil can create a whole new world when used as a topping. Instead of olive oil, try to serve your tomato bruschetta with your new favorite oil in the house.

Bake vegan – Avocado oil as a butter substitute:

So far, most people used pumpkin seed oil when it comes to substituting butter. But to do this, you always have to melt it first due to its hard consistency. Try using avocado oil, it can be used instantly and with its neutral taste it doesn’t affect the cakes and pastries you are preparing. Here’s a delicious looking cake from Queen of my Kitchen.

Things you need to know: How to make avocado oil and how it helps 3
Credits: Queen of my Kitchen

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