How to Plant Your First Avocado During Quarantine

by Avocado Buddy

If you love avocados and are looking for a fun home project during quarantine, you’ve probably been asking yourself if it’s easy to grow them. Look no further, we have the best guide on how to plant an avocado pit the right way!

Avocados are one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits. If you’re making a salad, guacamole or any other avocado dish, make sure to save your pit.

Growing an avocado tree is very easy and can bring beautiful results if done carefully. We’ve divided the process into different steps which will make it easy for your to understand and follow.

Step #1:

Save the pit after you use the fruit and briefly rinse it with water. Make sure to remove any fruit leftovers if any.

Step #2:

Pierce the pit with three toothpicks on each third of the seed (so they act as a stand over the water glass) and place over a full glass of water so half of the seed is under water and half isn’t.

Step 3:

Wait for your seed to start sprouting and monitor it. Keep in mind, the sprouts should be submerged in water at all times, otherwise your seed will not grow further and will be destroyed.

Step 4:

When your tree reaches around 7 inches, carefully transfer it into the soil and water it. It’s essential to water the plant frequently, so it can keep the potential further growth.

Step 5:

Keep your tree at a location with a lot of sunshine and water it frequently. Additionally, don’t be afraid to use a bit more water than you would usually use, because an avocado tree can enjoy a nice soak sometimes. In some countries where the weather is warm and humid, the plant can also be in the garden.

Don’t want to mess with toothpicks and water glass? Try growing your tree with AvoSeedo

For those who don’t want to act all McGyver, there’s a product called AvoSeedo and it looks like this:

How to Plant Your First Avocado During Quarantine 2
Source: AvoSeedo Amazon Listing

You can buy the AvoSeedo grower here

This thingy can help you grow your avocado tree even more easily. All you have to do is remove and clean the pit, fill the product with water and place the seed.

If you manage to learn how to plant an avocado pit, please make sure you send us some pictures of it. Good luck avocado growers!

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