Know Your Avocado: The Fuerte Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Fuerte Avocado

How to identify a Fuerte Avocado

Fuerte avocados are easily identified because they stay green even when ripe. This makes them somewhat unique among the popular varieties, which mostly get darker when they ripen. It is similar in shape to the Hass avocado. However, its skin is slightly thinner and significantly smoother.

General Info

The Fuerte avocado is a cultivar from California. Before the Hass avocado took over, it was the most common commercial variety. Unsurprisingly, it shares many features with the Hass. It is slightly larger than the Hass, usually coming in around 8-12 oz., although some grow up to a pound.

The distinctive properties of the Fuerte are hinted on in its name. „Fuerte“ is Spanish for strong. The Fuerte variety is hardy and fairly resistant to temperature. It has also relatively thick skin, although it is thinner than the Hass avocado’s.

The taste of the Fuerte is described as richer than the Hass, with hazelnut notes and a less oily texture. This is again an indicator already hinted in its name, and it is easy to remember. The Fuerte is sturdier and more optimal for eating it unprepared or cut up into slices. This makes it perfect for toast and salads.

Their fruit is best eaten around January or February when they are in their prime. The flesh has a very light yellow color. The pit size is usually classified as medium and is about the same diameter as with the popular Hass.

The best characteristic of the Fuerte avocado is its easily peelable skin. Because of the optimal thickness and smooth, leathery texture, it comes off very easily from the flesh. This prevents waste due to peeling, as can happen with other varieties.

Step-by-step Identification

Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to determine whether an avocado is a Fuerte.

Look at the Color

The Fuerte is noted for a very pleasant light green color, with some darker green spots. Even when it is fully ripe, it will stay decidedly green.

Check the Texture

If you run your hand across the skin of the fruit, you should feel slight bumps. However, those bumps should be significantly less pronounced than with the Hass. The feeling of the skin is often described as leathery.

Lightly Squeeze It

The Fuerte is a very hardy fruit. Even when you apply pressure to it (between the palms of your hands), it should not give too much. This is a good indicator and shouldn’t damage the fruit.

Cut it Open

The fruit flesh of the Fuerte is pale yellow and its pit is medium-sized and of a conical shape. With more elongated fruits the pit might have a sharp conical top. Usually, it will be blunt.

Give it a Taste

This variety is still considered by many the king of avocados when it comes to taste. It should have a very rich flavor and a pretty solid consistency. The tell-tale sign, flavor-wise are the hazelnut undertones.

Know Your Avocado: The Fuerte Avocado 1


The Fuerte avocado is not the main commercial cultivar for only one reason. That reason is that it is not as easy to transport without damage. In every other sense, it is better than Hass. You would do your tastebuds a favor to try this truly amazing variety.

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