Know Your Avocado: The Choquette Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Choquette Avocado

How to identify a Choquette Avocado

The quickest way to spot a Choquette avocado is to look at its size. Choquette avocados average a whopping 30-40 ounces. Compared to a Hass avocado (6 ounces) that’s pretty huge. Another clear indicator of a Choquette is its skin. It has smooth skin that stays green even when it’s ripe.

Where to find Choquette Avocados?

Unless you are from Florida or the West Indies (i.e. the Greater and the Lesser Antilles), you might not have heard about the Choquette avocado. The Choquette avocado originated in south Florida in 1934. It is likely a product of a cross between Guatemalan and West Indian types. They are named after the owner of the property on which the first tree grew in January 1929, Remi D. Choquette Sr.

It is especially attractive for its large size and resistance to fungal and other plant diseases. The flesh of the fruit itself is high in „good fat“. That is, it has a large content of fatty omega acids. Although it is slightly less fatty than the Hass. In addition to that, it contains a fair amount of vitamins K, C, and E. As well as smaller amounts of vitamin B, phosphorus, magnesium, and other minerals.

The Choquette is also noted for having a noticeably greater amount of water content. When cut open, it can often be noticed that it leaks some water. This should give you a hint about the taste as well. This cultivar has a more subtle taste, and a lighter buttery note than the Hass, for example. If you need a quick overview of how it compares to other varieties, check out our avocado varieties list.

Currently, this cultivar is among the most popular in southern Florida, the Dominican Republic, as well as the other West Indies islands. It has essentially the same popularity as the Hass does in California and Mexico. Outside this region, however, it’s not well known. That brings us to our initial question – how to identify Choquette avocados.

Step-by-step Identification

  1. Check the size of the fruit – if it’s considerably larger, and heavier than 6 ounces, you likely have a Choquette in your hand.

  2. Check the shape – this cultivar is also noted for its much more roundish, oval shape.

  3. Run your hand over the skin – if the skin is mostly smooth, and has a glossy, light green color, it is likely a Choquette.

  4. Cut it open – if you notice some water coming out of the fruit, you are almost guaranteed to have hit the right one.

  5. Compare the size of the pit – this cultivar has a slightly larger pit in comparison to what you are used to with the Hass.
choquette avocado


The Choquette has quite a few things going for it. It’s huge, it has a milder taste and softer flesh. This makes it great for smoothies and guacamoles. Beyond that, it has the advantage of being a winter variety. It usually bears fruit around October, meaning you can have tasty fresh avocado year-round!

Don’t forget to check all the different avocado varieties here!

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