Know Your Avocado: The Ettinger Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Ettinger Avocado

How to identify a Ettinger Avocado

Ettinger avocados are most easily identified by their bright green skin and pear-like shape. Their skin is noted to be thin and easily damaged, but hard to peel cleanly. The flesh of the Ettinger avocado is pale green early in the season, but might get more yellowish with greater maturity. It averages around ten to twenty ounces in weight.

Where to find Ettinger Avocados?

The Ettinger avocado is a variety first cultivated in Israel. It is comparable in shape and size to the more popular Fuerte variety. It is distinctly pear-shaped and grows to around 10-20 ounces in weight. The skin of this avocado is noted to be very thin and easily damaged, although harder to peel than other varieties.

The flesh of the fruit is pale yellow early in the ripening process, but might get a darker yellowish shade later in the process. Because of the slightly lower fat content than other varieties (e.g. the Hass), it has a milder flavor.

The seed of the Ettinger avocado is average in size and makes up about 25% of the avocado’s weight. Connected to this is a very unusual property that the Ettinger shares with the Fuerte variety. Namely, it will sometimes produce seedless fruits.

Because of the mild flavor and appealing color of the flesh, this variety is best used in recipes that call for raw avocados, either sliced or cut into cubes. Some examples to try would be our avocado salad or baked avocado fries

Step-by-step Identification

Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to identify an Ettinger avocado.

Check the Skin Color

The Ettinger has bright green skin, similar to Fuerte avocados.

Run your Hand Across It

It has a noticeably smooth skin, unlike other varieties.

Apply Some Pressure

If the skin breaks easily under little pressure, it is likely to be an Ettinger. If you try to then actually peel it, the skin should be hard to get off the flesh in one piece, because it breaks off in parts or strips.

Check the Flesh Color

The flesh should be either pale green or yellowish, depending on how long they have been ripened for. You should be able to tell it is an Ettinger since it usually has a very appealing, uniform appearance and is not very susceptible to bruising or rot.

Have a Bite

The Ettinger has a considerably milder taste profile that should pare well with more prominent ingredients. It should, however, not be watery, as some West Indies varieties tend to be.

Know Your Avocado: The Ettinger Avocado 1


The Ettinger is a readily available variety that falls into the category of firmer, milder avocado varieties. It can be used in virtually any recipe, but is best cold and sliced or cubed, in a salad or on its own as a snack.

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