Know your Avocado: The Pinkerton Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Pinkerton Avocado

How to Identify a Pinkerton Avocado

Pinkerton avocados are easy to identify by their pear-shaped form with a noticeably long “neck”. They also have slightly pebbled green skin, which stays green throughout ripening. They have creamy, pale-yellow flesh with excellent taste. Its pit is relatively small and its leathery medium-thick skin makes it easy to peel.

Where to Find Pinkerton Avocados?

The Pinkerton is a variety native to California. First cultivated in the 1960s in Ventura County from a chance seedling. It is a hybrid from the Rincon and Hass varieties. From the former, it gets its cold resistance and green skin qualities. From the Hass, it gets its shape and flavor profile.

The Pinkerton was intended to replace the Fuerte in regions too cold for effective Hass growing. However, it turned out too susceptible to disease, as well as tough to pollinate.

Those facts aside, it tastes exceptionally good. It has all the main notes of buttery and nutty flavors of the Hass. It also shares a pleasant creamy consistency with it. However, it might not have all the subtle depth of taste a fully ripe Hass develops. An example would be the slightly smoky notes you sometimes get.

In shape, the Pinkerton is distinctly pear-like, with a peculiarly elongated “neck”. This makes it easy to identify a Pinkerton avocado even among similar varieties.

Its skin is similar to the Hass but stays green even when ripe. It has about the same texture with noticeable bumps. Its skin is also medium-thick and leathery. This makes it easy to peel.

Inside, the flesh is creamy, pale yellow in the middle and greenish towards the edge. Its pit is small. It works well in many recipes but is best when made into a paste. Some suggestions would be guacamole, spreads, and smoothies.

Step-by-step Identification

Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to identify a Pinkerton avocado.


Look for a pear-shaped avocado with a considerably longer neck than other varieties.


Look for an avocado similar to the Hass in skin texture, but green in color. The Pinkerton stays glossy green even when ripe.


The Pinkerton avocado is exceptionally easy to peel because of its slightly thicker, leathery skin.


Even to slight pressure, the Pinkerton is slightly firmer than the Hass. This is reflected in the flesh consistency which is very close to the creamy Hass, only a bit less so.


You shouldn’t be able to taste a significant difference from a Hass. Smooth, buttery, with notes of nuts.


The Pinkerton is a great variety in virtually every aspect. From shape and color to exceptional taste and creamy consistency. If you can get your hands on them you won’t be disappointed.

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