Know Your Avocado: The Reed Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Reed Avocado

How to identify a Reed Avocado

Reed avocados are defined by their size and oval shape. They are one of the larger varieties, averaging above one pound in weight. They have thick green skin that is only slightly pebbled. Its flesh is of a distinct bright yellow color and its pit is somewhat larger and pale.

Where to find Reed Avocados?

The Reed avocado is a cultivar first developed in California. It belongs to the Guatemalan type and is therefore somewhat cold resistant. Reports say that survives temperatures down to 30°F (-1°C). It is mostly commercially grown in California.

This variety is easily distinguishable by its size and shape. It is round or oval and can weigh up to 1,5 pounds when ripe. The skin of this cultivar stays green when ripe. It is slightly pebbled, compared to e.g. a Hass. Its skin is also relatively thick, which makes for easier peeling.

The flesh of the Reed avocado is bright yellow. Its taste is described as being smooth and delicate, with nutty tones. It contains a fairly large seed. However, its large size provides ample edible flesh to make up for it.

A peculiarity of this variety has to do with the seed. Namely, when ripe the seed may loosen itself and pop out of its cavity. As a result of this, shaking this variety is a good way to identify it with a lot of certainties.

Because of its strong flavor profile and creamy texture it is best used in guacamole, smoothie, or spread recipes. Basically anything that doesn’t specifically for avocado slices will work great with the Reed.

Finally, one last thing worth mentioning is how easily this variety peels. Because the flesh is very soft it practically slips off the skin on its own. This buttery consistency is also the reason the pit pops out of its cavity on its own. No knife tricks needed!

Step-by-step Identification

Shake It

If the avocado is fully ripe, you should hear a rattling noise when you shake it. This is the seed rattling around in its cavity. This is also a great indicator of ripeness because it will sound louder than the riper the fruit is.

Feel the Skin

The skin should be only slightly pebbled (less than a Hass).

Look at the Shape

He Reed avocado is often described as rounded or egg-shaped. This sets it apart from many other pear-shaped varieties.

Peel It

As mentioned, peeling a Reed is an absolute breeze. If the skin literally comes off on its own, you can bet you got a Reed.

Split It

Inside a Reed, you should find a fairly large seed surrounded by creamy bright yellow flesh. When fully ripe, the flesh is virtually indistinguishable from avocado butter.


The Reed avocado has many things going for it. Its large size makes it easier to prepare larger meals. The easy peeling and pit removal saves a lot of time. And possibly some cuts. Finally, its outstanding flavor profile and creamy consistency make it a great centerpiece for many recipes.

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