Know Your Avocado: The Sir Prize Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Sir Prize Avocado

How to identify a Sir Prize Avocado

The Sir Prize avocado is defined primarily by a distinctive ridge along one side which becomes less noticeable when the fruit ripens. It is pear-like in shape and has dark skin when ripe. It is only slightly pebbled with yellowish bumps, much smaller than the ones found on a Hass.

Where to find Sir Prize Avocados?

The Sir Prize avocado was first cultivated at the University of California, in June of 1991. This makes it one of the ‘youngest’ avocado varieties out there. Because it is a hybrid between Haas and a Mexican variety, it is slightly more resistant to cold temperatures.

The Sir Prize can be described as the ‘grand-child’ of the Hass. It is becoming increasingly popular both for home growth and commercial use. The reasons are multiple.

First of all, it is somewhat similar to the already dominant Hass variety. However, it is distinguished from it by some desirable qualities. One of them is the noticeably larger size and better edible flesh content. 

The Sir Prize has a relatively small pit and very thin skin. This gives it an 83% ratio of edible flesh to pit and skin. Compared to most other varieties (60%-70%) this is a significant increase.

Another factor is its taste. This variety is considered excellent in taste, equivalent to Hass in general, and exceeding it during the early-season period. The taste is described very similarly to the Hass in its flavor profile – i.e. buttery, with nutty notes.

The consistency of a ripe Sir Prize is noticeably soft, making it ideal for guacamole, ice cream or smoothie recipes.

Step-by-step Identification

Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to identify a Sir Prize avocado.

Check the Shape

The Sir Prize has a perfect pear shape that isn’t replicated by many other varieties. If it looks like a green or black pear, chances are that it’s a Sir Prize.

Search for a Ridge

The ridge on one side of the Sir Prize is the most unusual characteristic of this variety. If it is already ripe, it might be harder to find, but you should be able to trace it.

Cut it Open

If the skin is as thin as the Fuerte, the flesh softer than a Hass, and the color virtually the same as a Hass, it’s likely a Sir Prize.

Compare Pit Size

If the pit inside the avocado takes up less than a third of the ‘space’, then it’s a guarantee that you have this variety in your hands.

Give It a Taste

If it tastes like eating a Hass but turned up a few notches, then you got it right.


The Sir Price is an excellent tasting variety that’s most suited for recipes that call for blending or mixing in an avocado paste. Due to its high ratio of edible flesh, it is also an economically viable variety. You certainly won’t regret picking this variety for any recipe.

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