How to Make Avocado Seed Powder

by Avocado Buddy
how to make avocado seed powder

Looking at the seed of an avocado (which makes up a large part of the fruit), you must be tempted to use it – and must be wondering how to make avocado seed powder. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The short answer is that you can use two methods. You can grind the seed using a kitchen grater (for a more manual approach), or you can use a blender or a coffee grinder if you want the job done quickly.

In the following article, we will give you more details about the process, and suggest recipes with avocado seed powder as an ingredient for you to try!

Avocado Seed Powder

You might be wondering if you should even eat the avocado seed. If you wish to get more information on that topic, you should check this article. And now, without further ado, let’s get down to making avocado seed powder!

For this recipe you will need an avocado (or several, depending on how much seed powder you plan on making), something to crush the seed with (for example, a rolling pin or a kitchen mallet), and something to grind it with (a grater, a blender, or a coffee grinder should do the trick). It is good to have an oven at hand as well, but it’s optional.


  1. Cut open the avocado with a knife and remove the seed from the middle.
  2. Rinse the seed with water and remove any remnants of the avocado fruit’s fleshy bits. You can wipe it with a paper towel to achieve this. Don’t use soap!
  3. Dry the seed. You must do this for the process to succeed. There are several ways you can achieve this. You can leave the seed to dry in the sun if you have a nice porch or balcony, you can let it sit at room temperature on a plate and let it dry overnight, or you can put it in an oven at 250ºF (120ºC) for 2 hours until the skin of the seed starts coming off. Whichever method you choose, make sure you do this before you proceed.

    The only important difference is that using an oven might eliminate the precious antioxidants from the seed, so it is probably wiser to use one of the other two methods. Of course, using the oven if you’re short on time is perfectly fine, too. And keep in mind that the longer you let the seed sit, the bigger the chance that it will turn orange – but this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.
  4. Crush the seed. Feel free to get creative with this step, just make sure not to hurt yourself! You can cover the seed with a paper towel and crush it with a rolling pin or a kitchen mallet.

    Doing this will not completely crush the seed, but instead divide it into several smaller pieces, which will make it easier to handle. Feel free to cut up the seed more if you plan to plop it in a blender or a coffee grinder. Once the seed is crushed, remove the skin and discard it.

    If you plan on using the kitchen grater, you can cut the seed in half with a kitchen knife instead and leave it that way. In that case, remove the skin first, and then cut the seed in half by pressing a knife to the seam of the seed. You should leave the chunks as big as possible and not cut it up since it’s more difficult to grate the seed the smaller the chunks are.
  5. Grind the seed. Use a coffee grinder or a blender, or grate the seed on a kitchen grater. Finally, if none of the above works for you, you can simply use a chef’s knife to mince the seed.
  6. Congratulations! Your avocado seed powder is now ready to use.

The Alternative

If you think this is too much of a hassle, you can always buy avocado pit powder online. Avocado Buddy recommends TerraVita Avocado Seed Powder is a hassle-free alternative, and it’s made out of finest and purest ingredients! For the price and the quantity, we believe there’s no better option.

You can check it out here!

avocado seed powder

Benefits of the Avocado Seed Powder

There hasn’t been enough research to fully confirm or deny how the avocado seed affects humans. However, it is generally understood that the seed is the source of antioxidants and fiber, and that it helps combat internal inflammation, such as gastritis or arthritis. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of the avocado seed, you should check out this article. And if you want to find out how you can use your freshly ground avocado seed, head on to the next paragraph – we prepared a selection of 7 recipes for you to try!

Using your Avocado Seed Powder

Avocado seed has been noted for its bitter, fibrous, nutty taste. Because it is quite strong, you should probably not plop all your avocado seed powder in a single glass of smoothie. Add just a teaspoon to your food, and if you can’t taste it, add a bit more next time. Keep doing this until you figure out what amount of avocado seed powder works for you.

With that out of the way, let’s jump to some practical uses of the avocado seed powder!

Make a delicious smoothie or a juice

You can add the powder to your juice or smoothies to make them wonderfully creamy and add more nutritional value. The powder goes well in combination with apple, mango, cucumber, pineapple, and/or the avocado fruit itself. It is ideal to pair the powder with strong flavors. The specific flavor of the seed also balances out the sweetness of fruits. Keep in mind that powder made from one pit is enough for two to four servings, so don’t add too much.

Try it with yogurt

What we said about smoothies and juice also goes for yogurt – adding the powder will balance out the sweetness and add an interesting, contrasting flavor. We recommend mixing yogurt and powder with nuts and berries as well to create a complete, nutritionally-satisfying meal.

Give authentic Enchilada sauce a try

Chili peppers, garlic, onion and cumin are ingredients that you will commonly find in an enchilada sauce – but did you know that you can add grated avocado seed as well? Make sure to add it before cooking, and go easy on the powder – about 1 ½ teaspoons is recommended.

If you add too much, the sauce – and the dish you add the sauce to – might end up too bitter. As far as the sauces go in general, the sky is the limit! Feel free to add the powdery goodness to any strongly flavored sauce, like pesto or mole. Just keep an eye on the amount you add.

Prepare some whole-grain bread

If you plan on making delicious, nutritious home-made bread, make sure to try it with the avocado seed powder! It will add an interesting new dimension to the taste. Whole-grain breads, like rye bread, work the best with the powder.

Enhance your salads

To make your salad better, just roast the powder and sprinkle it over a salad of your choosing. Bon appetite!

Medical uses

If you have a sore tooth, you can apply avocado seed powder (or a chunk of the pit) to the tooth to relieve the pain.

To treat a stomach ache, put half of the pit (or a tablespoon of the powder) into boiling water for 10-12 minutes, pour into a cup and let cool, and then drink the tea. You can also gargle the tea as an alternative to the toothache problem!

Avocado powder can also help with sore or itchy skin. Make powder out of one seed and put it in olive oil for a week. After that, filter it, and apply it to your skin.

Avocado seed powder makes you beautiful

Did you know that avocado seed powder can be used to make a conditioner for your hair? Just mix the powder with three tablespoons of hair-caring oil (like coconut or olive oil) and leave it for one night. When you decide to use it, massage it into hair and scalp, let it sit in your hair for at least one hour, and then rinse it out. It will make your hair wonderfully shiny, healthy and soft!

You can also make a face scrub with the powder. Make powder out of one avocado seed, then add one mashed banana and a tablespoon of almond oil (coconut oil is fine too). To apply, gently massage and exfoliate with the scrub and then rinse it off. Skin problems who?


With the recent surge of appreciation for the natural resources came the idea that we should make as little waste as possible. That is an additional reason to use the avocado seed instead of chucking it into a trash bin – but after all these examples of how you could use the seed, we believe that you don’t need any more reasons! And if you think that you could use some more inspiration for delicious avocado dishes, feel free to check out our site and browse many other articles that it offers.

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