Vitamix – Our Little Secret for Recipes

by Avocado Buddy
How We Make Our Delicious Avocado Recipes

By now you have probably read and tried many of our delicious avocado recipes. What we haven’t discussed in detail so far is how we make our delicious avocado recipes. Sure, the step-by-step instructions are pretty clear, and we give tips and tricks every now and then, but what do we use ourselves?

Well, today I’m going to tell you about the hands-down most useful thing I use when making the recipes. I’m talking, of course, about the Vitamix blender that I mentioned in passing a few times (you can check one of the recipes here). Usually, I don’t mention particular brands very much, but the Vitamix is an exception. In the unlikely case, you haven’t heard about it yet – the Vitamix is the Rolls Royce among blenders.

Its Many Advantages



If you have a regular blender bought from a big box store like Walmart for a cheap price, you might find yourself avoiding it as much as possible. I sure did before I got a Vitamix blender. The thing was slow, it was weak and it was a pain in the neck to clean. I found myself avoiding recipes that call for blender action, and as a consequence had a lot fewer options in the kitchen.

Especially with recipes that include harder stuff – like ice or nuts – the difference is unbelievable. My old blender would struggle with getting those things even chopped up, let alone blended or puréed. The Vitamix makes short work of those things. The powerful motor and strong blades have no trouble getting through frozen vegetables, ice cubes, etc.

One more thing to that point, I noticed that even when the Vitamix has trouble getting through something the motor will automatically stop. This was great for me because I found myself panicking anytime my old blender would continue whirring and buzzing although the blades weren’t moving. This way I don’t have to be afraid I’ll burn out the motor or cause a blowout!

With no hassle at all, you can use the Vitamix to make your own peanut butter. I tried it myself. My old blender would get to making a peanut powder at best. The Vitamix creates a nice smooth paste with no problem. With avocados, this might be less of an issue, because the fruit is soft by default. However, I tend to buy in bulk and freeze them, so it’s great when I’m in a pinch and don’t have the time to thaw them out. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to soft, mushy ingredients as you do with no-name brands.

Time Effectiveness

Another thing I like about this blender is that it gets done faster. At first, I assumed it’s because of the more powerful motor. Turns out, the container itself is designed in precise measures to push the ingredients towards the blades in the most efficient way. Needless to say, this can shave off some valuable minutes from the time you use for preparing your meals. And whoever had too much time?

The most useful setting on the blender for me is the pulse feature. It allows me to quickly chop up things more roughly, for a chunkier, heartier meal. It works amazingly well, and so far, I had no trouble with it whatsoever. It gets the thing done perfectly every time.

There’s also the fancy heating feature that I haven’t seen with any other blender. To be more precise, the Vitamix blender works at such high frequencies that the friction of the blades creates heat. This can be used for making piping hot soups in a matter of minutes. You just throw in the fresh ingredients, some broth and let it run for about 5 minutes. By the time it’s done you are set for a cozy winter afternoon!

A secret tip for this feature is that it works for coffee, too. You can make Starbucks-tier stuff with this puppy! I’m talking mocha, latte, frappuccino, you name it. If you can think of it – you can make it.

Easy Cleaning


Finally, the cleaning of the container is super easy. You simply fill it about half-way with warm water and add some detergent. You then turn the blender on and it cleans the insides pretty well in about a minute, depending on the consistency of what you were making. Peanut butter might still require a bit of elbow grease since it is very thick. Other than that, you don’t really have much maintenance to do.

All-Around Usefulness

I’ve gotten winded typing this up, but that’s because I can’t express enough how excited I am about this blender! It doesn’t only work perfectly as a blender; it also makes away with all the irritating stuff that I previously had to deal with. Plus, it replaces several other appliances in a nice, sleek, compact package.

Quality Guaranteed

Add to that the peace of mind of a whopping 10-year warranty for new models, and you can’t beat the offer. Even older or refurbished models on Amazon come with a 3 to 5-year warranty. So, you can shop with absolutely no risk.

The Pricing

The only complaint I heard about the Vitamix is its price. I already called it the Rolls Royce of blenders – and that applies to the price relation as well. The newest models are called the Ascent Series. The cheapest entry retails at 550$ but is on sale at this moment for 365$ (the A2300). The flagship is the A3500. Usually, it sells for a painful 700$, but it’s on sale right now for 600$.

Some older models come at a cheaper price. The quality of manufacturing is the same. The only difference is that they lack some of the modern bells and whistles. For example, an LED display or pre-set blending programs. If that’s not an issue for you (as it wasn’t for me), you can save quite a few bucks. I opted for the Vitamix Explorian. The Vitamix Explorian blender retails on Amazon at 270$ if refurbished, and at around 370$ if you buy it new.

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