What are the Benefits of Avocado Sexually?

by Avocado Buddy
what are the benefits of avocado sexually

We are already aware that avocados are great for your health in several ways. We have seen that they are important for your heart, your blood circulation, your brain functions, your shape, Gout, and your overall physical and psychological wellbeing. Plus, they are incredibly delicious, making them hugely beneficial for your belly! Since avocados are so beneficial in so many ways, it’s time to ask what the benefits of avocado sexually are.

Some foods are ideal for better sex life, for example, oysters, strawberries, ginger, truffles – the list goes on and on. Avocados are among that list, as expected, due to their nutritional composition, that is, the types of vitamins present in their delicious content, mainly vitamin B9, vitamin B6, and potassium.

How are avocados beneficial sexually?

Vitamin B9

Some of the many benefits of avocados sexually lie in the abundance of vitamin B9 (this vitamin may appear under the name of folic acid if it’s found in supplements and fortified foods or folate if it’s found naturally in foods) in its flesh. One of the main functions of vitamins of the B type is to help your body transform carbohydrates (fat) into glucose (fuel), which means that it helps your body produce more energy. (1) Energy is essential for better sex performance, and luckily, avocados have two B vitamins!

Vitamin B6

Besides giving you that much-needed boost, along with vitamin B9, vitamin B6 balances hormones for both men and women. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 is likely to attenuate not only premenstrual emotional symptoms such as irritation, tiredness, and depression but also premenstrual physical symptoms such as cramps and bloating.

This vitamin is also known to maintain normal levels of estrogen in women. As for men, vitamin B6 controls testosterone levels, has been shown to increase levels of sperm count, and it is believed to help with erectile dysfunction in cases in which the problem is associated with clogged arteries or diabetes. Vitamin B6 is likewise linked to libido enhancement in both sexes by lessening the production of prolactin, the hormone that reduces sex drive.

Moreover, this vitamin has yet another beneficial effect in men: the circulation of blood all to the men’s sexual organs requires a properly functioning heart. The type of fat present in avocados (monounsaturated fat) is of the good kind that reduces cholesterol levels and the risk of heart failure. A healthy heart is a vital step towards better sexual performance.


Potassium, our last mentioned ingredient in avocados for improved sex life, is incredibly relevant. A study specifically about the role of potassium in sexual behavior has proved that a brain chemical that “heightens alertness and mediates stress” called norepinephrine blocks potassium from exiting brain cells.

Once potassium ions are trapped in the cells, “the cells fire pulses of electrical activity” that augment your sexual desire.
Let’s not forget that potassium is also great for your muscles. Sex is one of the greatest forms of exercise, so you will, undoubtedly, want and need your muscles to work efficiently.

Other sexually beneficial components in avocados

what are the benefits of avocado sexually
Phto by Mihai Stefan

Vitamin E

Avocado is the fruit of vitamins: vitamin E is also one of the elements of its flesh. It increases blood flow and oxygen to your sexual organs, and it is a key component in the production of sex hormones. Studies have shown how vitamin E is also important for female reproductive organs because of the vitamin’s antioxidant properties.

Regarding this matter, avocado can both improve fertility and once a woman is pregnant, vitamin B9 can be beneficial in fetal development and simultaneously decrease the incidence of birth defects. (2)

Vitamin C

Additionally, vitamin C, another vitamin very much present in avocados, is relevant in the synthesis of hormones that are involved in your sexuality, fertility, and libido boost. This vitamin can also aid men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin A

Although in a lower quantity, avocados also contain vitamin A, which is suggested to benefit mainly men, as it is vital to sperm production.

You were surely already aware of the almost endless benefits of avocados for your health. Now that the benefits of avocado sexually have become clear, make sure to include avocado in your daily diet and don’t forget the fruit when preparing a romantic dinner. You can make an amazing meal with all the right vitamins to win their heart through their stomach and get them ready for a long, fun night altogether!

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