Know Your Avocado: The Bacon Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Bacon Avocado

How to Identify a Bacon Avocado

The Bacon avocado is easy to identify by its oval shape and smooth green skin, which stays green even when ripe. It averages between 8 and 12 oz. in weight, making it slightly smaller than the Hass. It has a slightly lower fat content and a noticeably larger pit as well. 

Where to Find Bacon Avocados?

The Bacon variety is a California native, first cultivated in 1954 in Buena Park. It is a hybrid of two Mexican varieties and is therefore noticeably more cold resistant. Usually, it is considered cold hardy down to 25° F, although some reports claim it can handle even 20°.

It’s easiest to identify a Bacon avocado if it is placed between a Hass and a Fuerte. The Bacon avocado will stand out because of its oval shape first. It also has smooth skin, with only some waxy spots occasionally. And it stays green throughout the ripening process. 

When it comes to the taste, the Bacon is somewhat similar overall to the Hass. It has the same creamy consistency and buttery main flavor, with nutty undertones. However, because contains less fatty acids, the Bacon is likely to taste a bit milder to you.

The coloration of the flesh is fairly common as well, that is pale yellow in the middle, going into green towards the edges. The pit size is on the larger size of things and might make you frown for using up so much space. A small consolation then might be that this variety is extra easy to peel.

The Bacon is a solid all-rounder and can be used in most avocado recipes. However, the best results are reported when used in guacamole or smoothies.

Step-by-step Identification 

The Shape

Check if the avocado is a nice oval shape with no obviously longer end as pears have. 

The Skin

It should have smooth skin, of glossy green color. If you run your hand across it you might be able to feel some waxy spots.

The Pit Size

The Bacon has a frustratingly large pit. A word of caution as well, when you take it out, check for rot in its cavity. The Bacon is slightly more prone to this kind of damage than other varieties mentioned.


The consistency of a Bacon is generally very similar to a Hass. It will be equally soft to the touch once it is ripe, and the flesh itself is only slightly less buttery than with a Hass.


Imagine a Hass, but dialed back from an 11 to a 9. The Bacon is that. All the same flavors, but slightly less aggressive, slightly less potent.


The Bacon avocado is a great alternative to the Hass in taste, and hardier than the Fuerte. For many avocado lovers in colder climates, this might just be the variety. Because of the distinct shape and texture, it is easy to identify a Bacon avocado, and its subtler taste might even be preferable to some.

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