Know Your Avocado: The Monroe Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
Monroe Avocado

How to identify a Monroe Avocado

The most easily recognizable feature of the Monroe avocado is its shape and size. It’s elliptical in shape and weighs about 2 pounds when mature (Dec.-Jan.) which is quite large for an avocado. The skin is smooth as opposed to other ‘bumpy’ varieties, with a fairly dark, glossy green color.

Where to find Monroe Avocados?

If you are anything like me at all, you will be disappointed that this variety has in fact absolutely nothing to do with the diva who sang happy birthday to President Kennedy. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting Southern Florida hybrid. 

The Monroe avocado is a cultivar native to Southern Florida. It is likely a hybrid of a West Indian and a Guatemalan cultivar. Reportedly it was the result of a cross between the ‘Waldin’ and the ‘Eagle Rock’ variety.

It is noted for having some degree of cold resistance. The most notable feature is its large fruit that reaches around 2 pounds in weight when it is mature (between December and January). Its fruit is elliptical in shape, as opposed to other pear-shaped varieties.

The skin of the Monroe avocado is only slightly rough, if at all. It is fairly dark and glossy in color. It is also noted for being a bit thicker than with other comparable varieties. 

The flesh of the avocado varies between good and excellent quality. It is worth noting that it has slightly lower fat content than other varieties, and as a result, it has a milder taste.

The pit of the avocado is medium-sized, comparable to the Hass avocado, and rounded in shape.

Because of these features, it can be used effectively in recipes that aren’t centered on the avocado taste. Some examples would be brownies or dressings.

Step-by-step Identification

Check the Size

If the avocado feels heavy in your hands, i.e. heavier than one and a half pounds, it is most likely a Monroe avocado. There are other large varieties, but the Monroe is really up there. So, the bigger it is, the greater the chance for it to be a Monroe.

Check the Skin

Dark, glossy green skin with little to no roughness to it is a clear sign of a Monroe avocado. There are other comparable varieties, but in combination with the size, this should be a clear indicator.

Peel It

Because the Monroe has fairly thick skin, it should be easier to peel. Also, since the fat content is slightly lower, the consistency of the flesh might be softer than what you are used to.

Give it a Taste

The Monroe avocado has a very light taste. You should be surprised by how mild it is once you take a bite if you are used to more popular varieties like the Hass. The nutty aftertaste you usually get should also be much fainter.

Compare Pit Sizes

If the pit uses up a bit less than half the ‘space’ inside the avocado, it is likely a Monroe avocado. Seed shape can also be a good indicator since its seed is rounded and roughly corresponds to the overall shape of the fruit.


The Monroe Avocado is a great variety when you need something more delicate. When you are making dishes that contain other more prominent ingredients, choosing a Monroe for a subtle avocado tone is a great option.

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