Know Your Avocado: The Sharwil Avocado

by Avocado Buddy
The Sharwil Avocado

How to identify a Sharwil Avocado

Distinguishing characteristics of the Sharwil avocado include its size, shape, and color. It weighs between 8 and 16 oz, making it a slightly smaller variety. The fruit is usually rounded or slightly pear-shaped. The color of a Sharwil avocado stays green when ripe, and has a cold grayish-blue tinge to it.

Where to find Sharwil Avocados?

The Sharwil avocado is a variety originally cultivated in Australia. It has since spread to New Zealand and is particularly popular in Hawaii. In fact, it makes up the majority of Hawaiian avocado production. 

The fruit of this variety is somewhat smaller and averages around 8 to 16 oz. It is oval-shaped in general but might be slightly pear-shaped on occasion. Like the Fuerte, it has a tendency to split at the base.

A characteristic worth noting is its unusual color. Although other varieties stay green when ripe as well, this cultivar has a grayish-blue tint to it. This is something not found in many other varieties.

The flesh of the Sharwil avocado is higher in oil content than the Hass. Consequently, it has a softer consistency more adequate for guacamole, smoothies, or spreads. Another consequence of this is a richer taste.

Although the Sharwil might not have the nutty notes found in Hass, its buttery flavor is more pronounced. This has to lead to it often being marketed as a gourmet avocado.

The slightly smaller size of the Sharwil is somewhat balanced by its skin thickness and pit size. Namely, the skin is somewhat thicker than the Fuerte but thinner than a Hass. The pit size is usually described as medium-small as well. As a result of this, 73% of this variety is edible.

Step-by-step Identification

Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to identify a Sharwil avocado.

Check the Size

He Sharwil is a smaller avocado and weighs about 8 to 16 oz. This makes it a little easier to pick out from the other varieties.

Check the Color

He Sharwil stays green when ripe and has a slight grayish-blue tint to it. This makes it distinct from other varieties that turn dark purple or black when ripe.

Peel It

If the skin peels easily and doesn’t break much, it’s a good indication that you have a Sharwil.

Test the Consistency

Because of the higher fat content, the Sharwil is slightly softer than other varieties. Either press it between your palms or try mushing the flesh with a fork. It should be noticeably creamier than a Hass if it’s ripe.

Taste It

You should be able to taste a rich buttery flavor exceeding the Hass in quality. However, there might be an absence of the nutty or smoky notes sometimes found in other varieties.

Know Your Avocado: The Sharwil Avocado 1


The Sharwil avocado is not marketed as a gourmet variety without reason. It has a strong flavor profile of buttery creaminess. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for avocado-centered meals. It might be too overwhelmingly flavorful for daily consumption but is great for special treats. 

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